Today we had a training buddy so monti could get close to another dog and he dident mind at all. As long as I had hot dogs he completely ignored the other dog Felix. I feel really happy about this, now I am going to train every time I see another dog and knowing that it works will boost my spirit!. Month even tried to play with him that was so great for me and I am super proud of my little man. Thinking about the last post and how low I felt then and how positive I feel now. Looking forward to having fun with my dog! <3


This is something that is hard for me to write about but I feel I need to get it off my chest. I feel like a horrible dog mother and I wonder every day what I did wrong with Monti. I introduced him to other dogs, went to puppy class and another dog training class. We took the bus together so he could get used to everything I did and for a long time that went fine. It started about a year ago and it has gotten worse, he lunges at bikes, people and hates other dogs and go crazy whenever he sees one. Today on my walk some teenagers from the school on top of the hill where I live commentated that “there is the aggressive dog” and off course Monti had to growl att some girls walking by. I just don´t know what to do anymore and I am so tired of this behavior! walking him used to be fun and something I was looking forward to. I really hate this! inside he is a sweet and happy dog, outside he starts to growl at nothing and starts barking with no dog or car, bike or person around him. He is so strong so I had to buy one of these.

It does not hurt him he just hates it but I have no other option at this point with him being so uncontrollable. I feel like I have failed and hearing that kid say what he did was a dark moment for me.

This is not the “I am giving up and I just have to live with it post” I just needed to get off some steam.




I took this photo the other day the 2th of November and I want to frame this one. You can truely see monti’s personality well here, that bored and begging look right before he starts barking wanting to get my attention. On walks we can not stand still for long before Monti gets restless. Unfortunately for him he can’t get his way all the time!

Balloon belly


I might have posted this picture before, but soon it’s three years since we first brought monti home and I remember the day like it was yesterday! This poor puppy got a mother who feed him way to much on the first day home, four cups of food instead of one. I called the lady I got him from and she told me I had given him way to much. Now monti gets regular portions like everyone else, except lots of treats.

Candy please!


Autumn is in full bloom, the leafs are turning blood red and yellow. Here mom promises me a treat for sitting so pretty for the photo but, no treat! That witch tricked me. I get many treats a day but that is besides the point. I should get them all day! :D

King of the castle


I need to look every day to se if something exciting happens. Monti likes to spend his days as a guard of the house. Except for on our daily walk, then the house gardian must leave and become a elf of the forest.