Balloon belly


I might have posted this picture before, but soon it’s three years since we first brought monti home and I remember the day like it was yesterday! This poor puppy got a mother who feed him way to much on the first day home, four cups of food instead of one. I called the lady I got him from and she told me I had given him way to much. Now monti gets regular portions like everyone else, except lots of treats.

Candy please!


Autumn is in full bloom, the leafs are turning blood red and yellow. Here mom promises me a treat for sitting so pretty for the photo but, no treat! That witch tricked me. I get many treats a day but that is besides the point. I should get them all day! :D

King of the castle


I need to look every day to se if something exciting happens. Monti likes to spend his days as a guard of the house. Except for on our daily walk, then the house gardian must leave and become a elf of the forest.

Happy birthday 1th of september



My birthday was spent eating grass, chicken sausage and meat balls. We also went for a walk as always, I wish it was my birthday every day so I could eat as much as I did. I love eating, I still get all kinds of good stuff so every day is like a mini birthday. I can’t believe he’s three years already.

Posted in fun



After waking up dreaming about poltergeists and ghosts I got up and decided to go for a walk to a place I used to go to with my classmates as a kid and teenager. It was excactly the same as before but, this time I had my very own dog with me, something I always wanted back then. I have been training with Monti for the past four days, working on come when called and just listen more when I try to conntact him. I do this with cheese and he is happy to come back to me when he gets some cheese, his favorite. I must admit I have been quite lazy with his training and lately he has been totaly out of control so something must be done! I do not disipline him hard only tell him to sit down as long as it takes for him to calm down and listen to me, wich is boring and punishment enough for Monti. It was a beautiful day and now Monti is taking a well deserved nap.

Stormy night



Storm, thunder and impressive lightning shows has been on going since early last night. The house was shaking and I was outside photographing the event and got a few lightning photos, it was amazing! I thought Monti would be a little scared but, he is not loosing sleep over some bad weather. I tried to get some hugs and kisses but, he just returned to his blanket, rolled into a ball and fell a sleep. I swear he is like a old man in a dog suit, can’t miss sleep or dinner. I will try to join him in dreamland, listening to rain and thunder in bed is one of the best sounds there is.

Beach finally!


Monti is doing great! This is from yesterday when we went to the beach and had fun in the water. He even walked past another dog without going crazy so I am very happy.

He is also 100% healed from operation,is scar now looks like this.


Not the biggest scars in the world, this picture is over a week old and he is completely healed.



The reason I am writing in detail is because I want to tell people about my experience with the neutering of my dog, this is a serious step and with many consultations with three veterinarians me and my boyfriend decided to go for it. I hope his troubles will get better after this! Going crazy and not eating or sleeping because of all those lovely females in heat.


I did not go with him to the vet, my boyfriend did because I would have probably taken him home without doing the surgery! I am not as strong as my boyfriend is but, he had problems with l leaving him there! it was horrible and I believe him. When Monti came home I was at the viking fair but, decided to take the bus home I did not want to stay there when Monti was sick. He was very unstable and was bleeding and we started to panic so we called the vet again, he said it was very normal to bleed a little when the wound was still fresh. He did not bleed a lot but, to us it was like a river and I almost got sick from looking at his wound. I would bet it was three table spoons of blood or less! he was in his crate for several hours without food or water, the vet said he needed to be out of anesthesia before eating or drinking. The first few days he was very sleepy but, he did eat the day after and soon enough he found a way to drink out of his bowl. I know every case is different, I have heard about dogs who has been sick for a week and some them normal self after just a day. You do need to limit daily activity to a minimum because of the stitches.



This is day four, the wound is healing nicely! His pouch is not removed only the testicles so there is some fluid inside. It´s totally normal and will go away in a week or two I think. The worst part for Monti seems to be the lampshade he needs to wear for two weeks, naturally he wants to lick and scratch himself. In nine days we can take the lampshade of ( it´s not called a lampshade, I just think it looks like one). To cleanse the wound just use sterilized water and a paper towel, tap gently and do not remove anything, just wipe of excess blood. Monti also got antibiotics to help against possible infections. The red and blue on his skin is a bruise, It will go away in a week or two.

Monti is back to his normal self, he eats and drinks, sleeps and takes up the whole bed, I am happy he is feeling so much better! I will update later about the recovery.