The dog blog


This is my dog Monti, he is a year and four months old and we (me and my boyfriend) got him when he was almost eight weeks old. He is a labrador mix and have the boldest personality, he loves food, the lady´s and he points out almost everything that moves (that’s the Gordon setter kicking in). All my life I have wanted and begged for a dog, I have never cared what kind, just a dog I can be with and include in my life. Although Monti is not a pocket-sized dog he goes almost everywhere with us. He demands a great deal of attention and he loves to play, he is very hyperactive at times but it brings much joy and laughter.

My plan with this blog is to share how life is like with my best buddy and also post about training and how it is like being a first time dog owner. This has been the best year and I cant believe he is almost grown up!



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