How it all started

I always knew I wanted a dog, I have wanted one since I was four years old and I saw the old woman with the little white dog in her basket on her bike. Everyday I would se this old woman with her little friend, I never saw her without him. After that I begged and hoped and had dreams at night that I got a white little curly dog, this didn’t come true until I was twenty-one years old and the dog was not white but black and much bigger.

When I was twenty-one the autumn/winter of 2011 I made up my mind, I AM going to have a dog, I have waited forever and now is the time. Our landlord said we could have a dog in the apartment and the search started for the perfect dog for me and my boyfriend. At first I contacted a shelter who adopted away dogs to new homes, they said we didn’t have a match for us and that we could try somewhere else. After a few calls I knew this didn’t work out so I dropped the whole thing. The next thing we did was to go online and search for dogs who needed new homes, I got some e-mails back but never any luck at all with those either. Me and my boyfriend then started to look online for dogs for sale. I was on many breeder sites and contacted many but this one struck me and we looked at the puppy’s for a long time, the pictures had thirteen little baby labrador mix puppy’s and we decided to call. The woman was very nice and said we could go and visit, if we liked any of the puppy’s we could bring it home with us! For real? three days later We scheduled to bring our new family member home.

On the big day my boyfriend was home to get the apartment ready and I was going to pick up Monti, we both thought that was a pretty name for him. I called my brother and sister in-law and me and them drove to the breeder and had a hard trouble finding the way, but at last we found the farm where he was born in a stable. The stable had a puppy room with indoor heating and since the weather quite hot the dogs where outside when we got there. I presented myself and talked long with the woman and she started to single out the dogs that had already been selected out by families. They where all so alike, all twelve was black and only one beige. She said there was two left and she picked them up. Monti was the smallest one in the litter and I held him first, my brother held the other one and said I should hold him to. But my mind was made up, Monti licked my face and leaned against me, this is the one! I put him on the ground and called him, he came running with his little face towards me. Off we went home to his new home.


We got a dog! A best friend and a companion for life. When he had his vaccine and micro chip the vet said that Monti is very healthy and has the potential to grow very old. We truly believe and hope so to.


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