New suit


Today we bought a suit for Monti, it has warm fabric inside and waterproof fabric outside for cold winter days. He really needed one and it was on sale, nothing beats a good sale! We also bought him a new frisbee and he loves it, Kong makes great toys for dogs, mostly made from rubber so the teeth are at no risk.

I am so happy for the suit, the winter in Norway is unpredictable so he might need it soon. It was frost outside this morning, we have had a cupple of varm days with sun but the weather is turning again. I hope the snow that we have now is the last one this year, but it can snow even in april here.


Dogs are the best friends

The thing I love most about dogs is their everlasting patience, forgiveness and love for humans. I don’t think I ever met one person my dog does not like! today some girls asked if they could pet Monti and he almost jumped on her in excitement. I don’t think Monti ever has a bad day, when he was sick sure but he is always ready to play, cuddle and comfort you if you need that. When I am upset  Monti comes over and licks my face almost hysterical, that must be his motto, be happy everyday. I am a clumsy person and every time I have stumbled our fallen Monti does not run away but comes back and lick my face. A dog is the best friend you will ever get, I have had many pets in my life but I have never had such a strong connection with any other animal.

a pets plea

I love this picture, I think everyone should live by this! the puppy looks so much like Monti when he was little.



I got sick yesterday I have the flu and I don’t have the energy to go for a walk, I don’t think he understands why we have not been on our walk today. I brought Monti outside to go to the bathroom and then we went inside to play, I guess his human dad will have to walk him today.