It’s so strange walking with a small dog, she don’t pull and is so calm compared to Monti. She is a very happy dog and I don’t have any problem with her att all. Today we went for a walk and since her owner was home I returned ulla but she diden’t want me to go, she is so sweet. She was so proud of her dryed pig ear and had to show me 🙂


Monti´s new friend


This is the dog I was telling you about, she is three years old and I am going to baby sit her twice a week. Today we got to know each other a little and I think she likes us, she rolled over and begged for a belly rub :D. I walked Ulla and Monti together for half an hour and when we got home she went to sleep. I think Monti is a little confused, he is not used to share attention with anyone else but he behaved nice and was very curious about her. There was a lot of  walking around and smelling the apartment.

The next time I babysit her I will walk them separate because Monti walks so much faster than his new friend. He also needs longer trips but I don’t mind walking two times a day two times a week, its  good for my health to :).

A great day for animal lovers

Yesterday the EU and Norway banned animal testing, it is not allowed to test, promote or import animal tested products! I am so happy that it finally is a law against this filth.  Animals will be spared and people can buy animal friendly products. I also recommend people to not buy animal tested products, if more people buy animal friendly products the companies will understand that this is what the people want. And by not giving them any of your money the companies will suffer. Every creature on this planet has the right to a good life, unfortunately not all animals are so lucky. I try as hard as i can to buy meat and products from decent producers, be aware of where the products come from. I know this is not enough to save every animal but I can sleep at night knowing im doing the best I can.


New friend in the gang

tibetan_spanielPicture from Breedretriever

I don’t have a picture of her yet but Its coming soon 🙂

Great news, I got a question from a woman I know who owns a little Tibetan spaniel, she asked if I could walk her dog some days of the week.  I am going on walks with Monti everyday, a second dog is just charming. She is so sweet and funny, and I am sure Monti wont mind a little girl friend. we will bring her on walks with us and play in the yard. I am so excited to be a Tibetan spaniel babysitter!

Boring days


I understand that this past week have been super boring for Monti, I have had the flu with fever and spent most of my time in bed. Now im better and we have our regular walking trips everyday, not the longest ones but a good half hour and some mini walks at night. I will write more later and upload some pictures, I am thinking about filming a video of Monti´s tricks 🙂