Nice day in the sun.



Me and Monti have done some intensive training this last few days, getting him to walk by my side instead of pulling me has not been easy but he responds well. I have given him rewards (food) and I get his attention when I talk to him. Before he was to distracted but now he is so much more focused. He did not want to model for me today, we took a walk to the beach and so many seagulls makes my boy a little crazy!  I guess sometimes the distractions win but I am taking it one step at the time. Trying to be more interesting than the world can be a challenge.

neeg  2 Neeg

This place is full of dogs, the path leads to Borrehaugene National park, viking graves and a historical museum you can visit. Also it has small sand beaches all the way there. I walked there last summer, If it gets to hot for Monti on the walk he can just jump in the ocean. I want summer to come quickly this year, So much more fun with your dog than wintertime.

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