Hot dog


The weather is so hot we can’t take walks in the middle of the day. He gets super warm because of is black fur, but we use water to cool him down. Monti don’t like getting sprayed with water but thats our only option. He also gets tired and wants to lay on the cool floor in the hallway. If I am warm I can only imagine how the dogs are feeling right now.

Happy weekend to all 🙂


Of the leash comic

of  the leash 2  of the leash 3of the leash 1

Just wanted to share this of the leash dog cartoons witch I am following on facebook.

Go visit the site: of the leash on facebook. 🙂 so many fun comics posted everyday.

Happy national day 17th of May


This is my town´s dog club in the traditional parade. There was many beautiful dogs and mostly golden retrievers.


My two favourite boys<3

We went to town to celebrate our national day in Norway, Monti was a little nervous, all the balloons and children screaming was a little scary for him. He saw many dogs who was out to celebrate to and he was so curious about the beautiful girl dogs. There was parades with marching bands like every year, lots of noise and people everywhere,no wonder he was tired when he got home. Children wanted to cuddle him and compared him to a horse because he was so big. Grown ups think Monti is little and ask us if he will get bigger, I don’t think so! but he is perfect just the way he is. It was a great day for all of us with good food and friends.

Run like the wind





Monti had super fun today with his cute friend, she is a very special Boxer girl. Monti has known her from she was a little puppy, he always go nuts when he see her. The place we let them go of leech are fenced in and there is no way for them to get out, we also had permission to use the space. They where chasing each other and playing with a stick, I love how simple dogs are to please! got a stick? If you do it´s doggy heaven. Now Monti is asleep in my bed, he really gets to blow out all that energy with running, He looks so peaceful.

And when Monti is tired and happy, his dog parents are happy!

Hiking in the forest




Today me and my boyfriend took our favourite boy out on a walk, the forest was foggy and it was raining. He loves the forest and I have been walking him every day there, I have always been scared of the forest but when I se how happy Monti gets I just want to overcome the fear for his sake. The forest is a beautiful place and I se dogs and owners almost every day, it´s nice to have  contact with other dog lovers, even if it´s just a hello. And very soon it is swimming time for Monti, the water needs to be a little hotter before I let him swim.

Take a bow

Me and Monti have been learning this trick,  it is so much fun and the first time he did it on his own I was so happy. I use a long time learning Monti tricks so he can really get to know it well. The trick he is best at is sit pretty,  also learned by Zak George videos on youtube. The man is brilliant!


Monti did not want to pose for the camera, maybe next time 🙂