Run like the wind





Monti had super fun today with his cute friend, she is a very special Boxer girl. Monti has known her from she was a little puppy, he always go nuts when he see her. The place we let them go of leech are fenced in and there is no way for them to get out, we also had permission to use the space. They where chasing each other and playing with a stick, I love how simple dogs are to please! got a stick? If you do it´s doggy heaven. Now Monti is asleep in my bed, he really gets to blow out all that energy with running, He looks so peaceful.

And when Monti is tired and happy, his dog parents are happy!


5 thoughts on “Run like the wind

  1. Great post, love the photo’s. My little guy Otis has an obsession with children’s rubber bouncy balls. Otis is 5 years old this coming July. He is Blind thanks to Jr. Cataracts. This in no way holds him back. Otis wakes up in the morning and is ready to go. He knows exactly where he left his ball so he is gets it and has me toss the ball for him for a minimum of an hour as soon as he is out of bed. Then he takes care of his business. As long as he can hear the ball bounce he can find it.
    Dogs are truly amazing. Otis is my best friend and I would be truly lost without my little clown boy. Despite the snoring and passing of gas. Lots of pictures of him through out my posts.

    • Sounds like Otis is a very lucky and special guy. That’s why I love dogs so much, they just adapt to the way things are. Otis is blind, but still plays like any other dog. I look forward to reading about Otis. I love Boston Terriers, they are so gentle.

      Monti is my best friend, I feel silly sometimes thinking that understands me, but it really feels like he does. If I feel down he looks at me, and wants to lick my face. He makes my day just by being himself. The day I brought him home I cried because I was so happy, I have always wanted a dog 🙂

  2. Great photos! Looks like Monti had a great day 🙂 I have a 13 year old Border Terrier who is my best friend too. I think dog people are the luckiest in the world.

    Great blog you have here- looking forward to follow along with you.

    • Thank you 🙂 I don´t think I have seen a Border terrier in real life before, They are so cute dogs. Dog people are lucky, more healthy to according to tests 🙂 We exercise more.

      Thank you, I have been following you for some time now, I love to read I like your blog alot:)

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