Finally some progress.

I have some super great news about Monti´s stomach. Several months ago, nearly half a year he had to go on a strict diet from the vet and his tummy was fine for a while. Because of suspected allergies. Me and Monti´s dad thought that maybe it´s time to change the food to se how his body reacted to it and I can say with great joy that he has never had a better stomach. I mixed the old food with the new one like the vet said and it has been going great, we still use a brand for sensitive digestion. We tried Eukanuba and I have heard a lot of great stuff about it, before Monti got his tummy problem we used royal canin but I think that was a little bit strong for him. I am just happy that the vet said he is perfectly fine otherwise, he is a healthy and happy dog, and totally crazy and puppy like. In two months he will be two years old and I will make him something tasty for his birthday.



Angry cat

Yesterday me and my other half took Monti with us to play dungeons and dragons. There was a cat, not happy to see a dog walking around in her home. So she sat under the sofa for five hours and made hissing noises. She looked like this. She jumped out one time and tried to get Monti and he just stood there, wanting to play with the angry cat, because Monti loves almost everyone. Sometimes he don’t know his own good. Best to just leave cats alone, they are scary when angry!


Summer vacation.


This is how monti spend most of his days after his daily walks. Being cute and sleepy ♥

Summer is here and internet is not my first priority, but I will still post blogs. I just really want to be outside and enjoy the summer I have been waiting for. I am thankfull for all your comments and likes, you guys are great! ★

I ♥ summer



This weekend we took monti swimming and on a playdate with his friend, the boxer. My friends sister runs a kindergarden and we are using the fenced up area to let the dogs go of leash. Monti loves it and I like to test how well he reapond to me calling him. I use a very silly voice and he runs up to me expecting a treat every time, I use praise and lots of GOOD BOY. I will buy him a long leash next payday and we will train more on come when called.

First bath of the year


This picture is from last year.

The last couple of days has been great, the sun has been up from morning to evening. Today I took Monti out on a two-hour walk to the beach, it´s his first bath this year and he was very occupied with grabbing sea weed. The not so great adventure was to get the salt water of him, I don’t understand it, he loves to swim but take a shower, hell no. Now he is sleeping and I am pretty tired to, I guess we are not used to the heat just yet.


This is from last summer, Monti´s birthday, I made some kind of liver treat cake and he ate it in five seconds. It’s not that many months left until he is two years old, the time really fly when you are having fun!