Finally some progress.

I have some super great news about Monti´s stomach. Several months ago, nearly half a year he had to go on a strict diet from the vet and his tummy was fine for a while. Because of suspected allergies. Me and Monti´s dad thought that maybe it´s time to change the food to se how his body reacted to it and I can say with great joy that he has never had a better stomach. I mixed the old food with the new one like the vet said and it has been going great, we still use a brand for sensitive digestion. We tried Eukanuba and I have heard a lot of great stuff about it, before Monti got his tummy problem we used royal canin but I think that was a little bit strong for him. I am just happy that the vet said he is perfectly fine otherwise, he is a healthy and happy dog, and totally crazy and puppy like. In two months he will be two years old and I will make him something tasty for his birthday.



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