Blood suckers.

My boy has lice and he was at the vet today, I saw the nasty thing under the microscope. He has been scratching more than usual and yesterday I took a look between his fur, only to find vampire lice. Monti got the treatment he needs and will go on a check up in a month.

We have decided to also try chemical castration. When the female dogs are in heat he can’t sleep or eat, he gets stressed and can’t relax. We have taken a long time to figure this out me and my man and maybe its the best for monti. A chemical castration is not permanent and it’s just to see If he gets better. We are hoping that monti can relax more and get better. He is totally bananas and there is nothing we can do to help him. And this is not something we do to calm him down because he has lots of energy, he has hyper sexuality and that is not fun for him or us. We will se what happens.


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