My new tattoo


My Monti tattoo was taken at skindiggers tattoo lounge in Rethymno Crete by this sweet adorable tattoo artist named Irini. I decided a long time ago that my very first dog was going on my skin and now I had the chance. I sat in the chair for a little over an hour and it didn’t hurt as much as I remembered. But it was not pleasant either. So now I have Montis name on me forever, I am really happy with it and it was the best tattoo session I have ever had!. All it needs to do now is heal so I can see the final result.

My trip has been relaxing and great, I ate lots of good food and saw many dogs there to, everything from basset hounds to mastiffs. The dog culture there is different, the owners don´t have leach on them, they walk alone in the street sometimes to. But I think the dogs are used to it and they never went into the street. I saw dogs sleeping on the sidewalk besides the café´s and I think the owners was inside. The only bad thing about this is for those who is afraid of dogs, every dog was so tired from the heat so they didnt move.

I am very satisfied with the trip but coming home and seeing my boys is always good. My tattoo is also a memory for life, I will always remember Rethymno and Crete because of it.


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