Autumn relaxing

meg og monti

Since I am still sick it is a lot of relaxing going on here, but I have to walk Monti and now a days he is totally crazy. I guess it is a mix of second puberty and the testosterone leaving his body, he has become more cuddly like I told you and I am not complaining. I wish I could understand more what he is going through, I am trying my best but I am getting frustrated some times. RIght now he is sleeping, at least heis very calm indoors :). I will update on his progress


I am a bit strange…

monti 2

Lately I have been sick with the flu and Monti has acted unusual because of his chemical castration. He has become more cuddly and wants to be near us all the time, well that’s not new but it is very nice. On our walks he barks very much and gets real angry for nothing, I hope this is just a phase because he is really a good boy. Some days ago he got real angry at some apple trees so he is a bit loony these days. I think that is it for now, I hope i get better soon so we can go on our regular walks 🙂

Mom and me weekend


My dad is going hunting and me and Mom is alone for the weekend. We will miss him but, we will survive. I think I might get some treats and a new chew bone today 😀 and later we are going for a nice walk. But now we must sleep, it’s to early for us to be awake. As you can see I am well on my way to the first nap of the day.

Happy birthday



Today it´s two years ago since Monti was born and we had to give him a treat. He never get wet food but today he get two cans and lots of treats besides. He loved it so much but had a hard time with understanding how to eat it, so his dad had to help a little. Time go so fast, two years already, he is starting to become an adult.