Walk training.

bilde012After Monti´s chemical castration he has become a cuddly bear, here you can se him on my lap. And this was voluntary from his side, I had such a good time with my angel in my arms. But all cuddle and kissy kissy stuff aside I need to become a little more stright with him. I have bad tendonitis in my arm and my right arm is staring to hurt because he pulls me around. I know he is excited about walking but he can’t just bark and charge at everything. That is not acceptable, and sometimes walking him can be a real challenge. 

I have started with the stop training, when he pulls I just stop and tell him to sit! We also train on eye contact and getting his attention, which is pretty hard. But  “Rome was not built in a day”. Sometimes he pouts and makes strange noises on walks, I don´t know what those means but my main goal is just to get him to sit and watch me. Today we walked by a house with another dog in it, he always barks but, I held a treat before his nose and he walked calmly with me to the end of th street. The dog is the house did go nuts but we walked right by, so I am proud about that :). Small steps are better than none.

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