Walking training and eating socks.


The walking training is going great, he responds with some protesting but he comes to me when I have a snack for him. Every time he pulls I stop and he neds to come back to me before we can go anywhere. I Don’t think he likes it but I Don’t like walking a dog who goes crazy and almost pulls me over. Winter is comming and ice and snow is not a great thing to walk on with a dog who pulls. I use spikes under my shoes but, fall sometimes. I Don’t care if he walks infront of me, I have never expected him to walk heal but, just go and sniff as he wants without tearing off mommy’s arms. I am happy with the resaults, I think my boy is doing very great.

I almost forgot, Monti has been sick the past few days and yesterday I found out why, he vomited several times and to my suprice he had ate a sock. He always has something in his mouth, Thats why we need to use the crate when we are not home. I hope he dont eat any more socks in the future 😛


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