It´s decided.

montiYou are going to do what? that’s right, we have decided to castrate Monti surgically. It´s the best thing for him, he has a huge sexual drive and he is never going to mate so it´s the best thing for him. I don’t think it´s fun to do this but he gets so worked up and can’t sleep or eat when the females in our street is in heat. We will do the surgery next year because he still has the chemical castration at least three months time. My boyfriend was a little against it at first (being a boy and all) but, It didn’t take him long to figure out it´s the best for him.

In my country (Norway) many people are against castration because they see it as a form of mutilation. I think it´s wrong to let a dog who is never going to mate get so bothered by his urges that he can’t function right. If the dog is fine with it then no need to do anything but, I have heard about owners who has dogs who don’t sleep and just tries to run away because of females in heat. I can only imagine all the smells and the hormones who go crazy, poor guys. I am doing what is best for my dog and that is the only thing that matters.


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