Snow, come back!!!



I forgot to share the snow that came early in december. We where all so happy, christmas with snow! The joy would not last, now all the snow is gone because of rain and warm temperature. I know monti loved the snow 😦 I want it to come back, it’s not fun going on walks when there is a hole in the sky.

But, I will not bitch about it anymore! Christmas is almost here and I am soo excited. Monti’s third christmas. He is getting some nice presents 🙂

Stormy day

små potermonti i snøen

Yes it´s a storm coming in and my mother will not go outside with me today other than my toilet round outside. The wind has speeded up and the police is telling people to secure stuff that can fly away. One thing I love about this storm is the snow, I love snow and when it all blows over I can play in it! This picture is from 2012, around february I think, I remember when he was this little. Look at his small feet ❤ But not all is bad, we have had fun with his toys and we brace ourselves because we are going out soon so he can go potty.