Picture of the day



Monti has been on a play date today, look at his friend, she is so cute and friendly! Let’s not forget monti, friendly and cute too :3


New Kong toys


Monti got two new kong toys, one snack toy and one squeeky toy. The blue one can be filled with treats and he have to get it out by him self. Also the snow is back and a black dog I know is very Happy!

Finally a new year

DSC_5089New years eve went great for Monti, the fireworks did not bother him at all, he was just curious about it. We did not take him outside because there was no need, he was with us all night and we walked him before the worst sounds started. Monti was very happy with what he got for christmas too, dried pig ears, a new blue-collar and a new blanket to have in his crate. Monti´s dad got a new wool sweater and think Monti likes it because he went to sleep on it right away. He also got the frost jacket from my mother, It´s water repellant and warm for him to wear, it is the best he has ever had! This christmas and year have been great for us, my puppy´s alergies have calmed down, we finally found food he can eat without getting sick and that is a huge victory! 🙂

Hope all of you had a great christmas and new year 🙂