New Kong toys


Monti got two new kong toys, one snack toy and one squeeky toy. The blue one can be filled with treats and he have to get it out by him self. Also the snow is back and a black dog I know is very Happy!


3 thoughts on “New Kong toys

  1. New toys are always a hit. Especially toys that thought provoking and able to be played with on their own.
    I have to say Otis is really wishing the snow would go away. We have had our fill of ice and snow this year. Otis is patiently waiting for the days of the rubber ball to return so he can play ball in the back yard.

    • I am not so excited about the snow as monti is, but I like seeing him go bananas digging and bouncing around. He must have thicker fur than Otis because he struggle in hot weather :(.

      The toys was a hit, I like that he can play by himself sometimes. He likes to go around and showing them to people, so cute.

      • Otis is really a spring and fall dog. Boston Terriers don’t have much in the fur department so winter is a struggle due to cold and summer he gets over heated pretty quick. Winter he needs to have his parka or at the very least a sweater on. Summer just have to watch that he doesn’t get to crazy in the heat.

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