Visit to a little creek.




First walk in a while with me. I have been sick with the flu so Monti’s dad has walked him since I have been as productive as a jellyfish. Today I went into the forest and monti loves it! It’s where he gets his perfume! Rolling on the ground in all kinds of smells. I think thats Why he hates to shower, all that muskyness gone. It was great going outside today, the sun is up and the bumblebees are all over. It feels great!


2 thoughts on “Visit to a little creek.

  1. Spring is here too!!! So nice being able to spend days outside doing yard work and enjoying the sun and warmth.
    Hope that you have gotten over your flu bug and can enjoy some serious out door activities with Monti.

    • Thank you. The flu is gone so I am enjoying some outside time with monti 🙂 It’ s Great that spring has come to Boston, I am sure Otis is Happy (*˘︶˘*)

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