The bride


I think Monti wanted to be a bride for the day. Too much time spent with mummy and her feminine TV shows. I think me and dad needs to see more  dirty jobs.


Yesterday was great!


It is so hot here in my little town and I have not had any desire to put in any pictures from our trips to the beach so I present to you snorkmaiden from moomin, my favorite show as a kid and as a grown up. Today me and Monti went to the forest and I put him on his long leash, I did not go to the beach today because variation is good for dogs too. In the forest there was flowers in all kinds if yellow and purple, a bug tried to land on my red sweaty face. I like to walk in the forest, the trees give shade and the smells are wonderful.

I did not only make a post to show you the lovely snorkmaiden and tell you about the trip to the forest, yesterday something great happened. Monti´s claws have always been a problem because he never wants me to cut them, Stig has to hold him and he screams and goes all hysterical when we try to trim them. Sometimes we only get to cut one or two a day. Yesterday I stood over him with my trimmer and lifted his foot up, I think he likes it better when he can stand. I made shure he couldn’t run and I clipped the first claw, Stig made dinner in the kitchen so Monti could not resist standing there. I let him take a little break before I continued on the other paw and before you know it his front paws looked nice and trimmed. I was so happy, I have not been able to do this by my self since Monti was a puppy. I did cut a nerve once and I am shure he remembers so I am super careful, I am just so happy we don´t need to start using the vet for nail trims.


monti June is finally here and that means swimming and running around on the beach like a mad dog! Monti don´t need a reason to jump in the water. Oh look there is a sea weed or something floating on the surface, fishing around Monti is hard when he dives in to get the hook. The weather has been nice the last few days and I think Monti is adjusting nice to the move, he gets to sleep in his parents bed so he is happy. It´s so good to finally have a bigger living room, a bed room and a veranda to just relax, I love all the sunlight we get. The beach is five minutes away so we can go there anytime we want, if it starts to rain of we go, no need to plan everyday anymore.

Snails in our new garden.

sneglerLook what me and Monti found in the garden today, two huge snails who was kissing. I think he disturbed them as he put his big nose right in their face, I think the snails quickly went back to what they where doing. It´s great to have a garden and a big house for Monti to live in, I will also show you the local beach me and Monti has been enjoying the last few days before the rain came.