Beach finally!


Monti is doing great! This is from yesterday when we went to the beach and had fun in the water. He even walked past another dog without going crazy so I am very happy.

He is also 100% healed from operation,is scar now looks like this.


Not the biggest scars in the world, this picture is over a week old and he is completely healed.


Trip to the vet

So we did it. Monti is now neutered.


I did not go with him to the vet, my boyfriend did because I would have probably taken him home without doing the surgery! I am not as strong as my boyfriend is but, he had problems with l leaving him there! it was horrible and I believe him. When Monti came home I was at the viking fair but, decided to take the bus home I did not want to stay there when Monti was sick. He was very unstable and was bleeding and we started to panic so we called the vet again, he said it was very normal to bleed a little when the wound was still fresh. He did not bleed a lot but, to us it was like a river and I almost got sick from looking at his wound. I would bet it was three table spoons of blood or less! he was in his crate for several hours without food or water, the vet said he needed to be out of anesthesia before eating or drinking. The first few days he was very sleepy but, he did eat the day after and soon enough he found a way to drink out of his bowl. I know every case is different, I have heard about dogs who has been sick for a week and some them normal self after just a day. You do need to limit daily activity to a minimum because of the stitches.

The recovery was quick and he is his normal self 🙂 So happy he did not have to have a wound for long. He does not have any scars at all and is now his normal self.


Surgery done.


Poor baby! Monti had his surgery, I will write a longer post about it tomorrow. The good news he is back to his normal self! Still very sleepy but, drinks and eats so everything is going fine.