After waking up dreaming about poltergeists and ghosts I got up and decided to go for a walk to a place I used to go to with my classmates as a kid and teenager. It was excactly the same as before but, this time I had my very own dog with me, something I always wanted back then. I have been training with Monti for the past four days, working on come when called and just listen more when I try to conntact him. I do this with cheese and he is happy to come back to me when he gets some cheese, his favorite. I must admit I have been quite lazy with his training and lately he has been totaly out of control so something must be done! I do not disipline him hard only tell him to sit down as long as it takes for him to calm down and listen to me, wich is boring and punishment enough for Monti. It was a beautiful day and now Monti is taking a well deserved nap.


Stormy night



Storm, thunder and impressive lightning shows has been on going since early last night. The house was shaking and I was outside photographing the event and got a few lightning photos, it was amazing! I thought Monti would be a little scared but, he is not loosing sleep over some bad weather. I tried to get some hugs and kisses but, he just returned to his blanket, rolled into a ball and fell a sleep. I swear he is like a old man in a dog suit, can’t miss sleep or dinner. I will try to join him in dreamland, listening to rain and thunder in bed is one of the best sounds there is.