White tail deer

DSCN2480 DSCN2485

Yesterday we went to the beach and the weather was really lovely! All of a sudden Monti gets all wird and starts making high-pitched noises. He saw a deer and lost sight of it, so his nose almost went in circles. It was great watching this white tail, so handsome and elegant. Monti always barks hysterically when we se wildlife so this was pretty fun. Hunting dog Monti 😀

Going through the blog last night and realize how much Monti has grown and many of his previous problems like stomach allergies are gone. They where not allergies at all but stress from being all male. Going on walks now is like a dream compared to a few weeks ago. He even was att the dog park! A little bichon frisé wanted to play but monti was all about the sticks, and that tire from last post.

I swear he is like a old man in a dog suit!

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