I am a bit strange…

monti 2Lately I have been sick with the flu and Monti has been acting strange because of his chemical castration. He has become more cuddly and  wants to lie besides us when we watch tv. His barking has become a bit more excessive but I am trying my best when on walks to distract him. I don´t know what to expect but one thing is for sure, it has not affected his activity level, he is hyper as always.  He has really become something of his own, he has so many ways of doing things witch is hilarious. When he goes to sleep he needs to have something to partially sleep on, like a sweater or pillow. If he does not find anything to partially sleep on he just walk around in circles and starts whining. When he asks for food he tap his paw on his bowl and when we give him food he needs to hunt it, then tap the bowl several times before he can eat. I like all his quirks, he makes me laugh every day.


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