About Monti


Monti was born 1st of september 2011, He is Labrador retriever, and has flatcoat retriever, gordon setter and cocker spaniel in him as well. Here on Monti´s page I will write about his adventures and all the fun we have.


10 thoughts on “About Monti

  1. Reminds me of our old friend Bear from years back.
    Part of the family for a whole bunch of years, used to enjoy walking along the creek on our property (it was 18 acres in the California Sierra foothills).
    Damn dog never matured a day in his life.
    If you asked him, right up to the end, he was a puppy.
    A ninety-pound puppy.
    Love all the pictures of the hikes.
    You’ve got some beautiful country up there.
    Sorry us guys and China are ruining it for you.
    And Monti.
    And the whole world.

    • Thank you 🙂 Monti is a true puppy, three years this september.
      We do have beautiful nature up here, I don´t understand the china and us ruining stuff?

      • In some parts of the world, it’s not divided up into countries any more but into corporations.
        So you have Big Oil and the energy companies behind governments even as strong and powerful as the one we have here…
        … which is strongly influenced (if not outright bought) by the corporations.

        God … don’t get me started.
        Give Monti a hug for me.
        And tell him to never change.

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