The candy scare


I realize that there is over a month since last blog post and thought oh my dog! Hihi. Well everything is going great, his eyes are doing better than ever and Monti has had many swims in the ocean already.

We had a chocolate scare a month ago when he ate a big portion of chocolate. I called the vet and poison control and everything was ok, Not deadly but still scary. I spent a lot of time cleaning puke and crying.

Well, never trust him alone with even a closed bag of candy.  🍬 Monti will enjoy summer with regular dog treats 🐶

Pollen allergies?


Monti might be allergic to pollen and we have thought about allergies. Every spring and summer his eyes go all slimy and I always thought it was the heat. It might just be an eye infection so we got a new eye cream and Monti hates it. I really hope it´s just an irritation and not allergy, but we will manage that as well if it is. It´s strange how animals have the same allergies as us humans. If the eyes don´t get any better it´s blod tests next. Fingers crossed.

Eyes doing better


Monti’s eyes are doing much better with the eye drops from the vet. They are white and thick and he hates them, but monti is taking it very well. He protest a lot more over a claw trim.

The vet also said that monti is a little over weight,  being castrated and all the hunger has gone to new records,  like that was even possible.  😄we are now giving him the right amount of food and not giving him something to eat all the time. I guess treats spread over a day becomes more than we thought. If he is fit in his young years that will help him not developing joint problems so there you go.

I can’t say he gets nothing at all, I am no robot. But, in more healthy amounts .

Bubbly foam



Monti’s eyes are not doing well so we are heading of to the vet tomorrow. I dont want him to stink anymore or at the vet so I gave him a shower, he hates it and tired to escape me. I got hold of his hips and when all hope was gone he stepped in the shower. Not looking at me att all. 😄

Vet visit done <3



Monti is done with the teeth cleaning and he is so tired right now. He got fluids in case he don’t want to drink right away.  We are going to start brushing his teeth at least 3 times a week to keep up the pearly whites. Now both of us will go to sleep, monti sleeping of the meds and me catching up on some sleep 🌒

Vet day



Monti had to get a vaccination today. Standard vaccine against all kinds of nasty illnesses. His friend saga went with him as moral support and later we bought a new harness. I don’t know who is more excited, me or monti. I guess it’s me, he hates wearing the harness. Today we choose the black one, he look so handsome in all black and the reflective material is insane. Also we got a blinking device so cars and people can see him better walking.

Now we are a true glow in the dark couple. ❤



The reason I am writing in detail is because I want to tell people about my experience with the neutering of my dog, this is a serious step and with many consultations with three veterinarians me and my boyfriend decided to go for it. I hope his troubles will get better after this! Going crazy and not eating or sleeping because of all those lovely females in heat.


I did not go with him to the vet, my boyfriend did because I would have probably taken him home without doing the surgery! I am not as strong as my boyfriend is but, he had problems with l leaving him there! it was horrible and I believe him. When Monti came home I was at the viking fair but, decided to take the bus home I did not want to stay there when Monti was sick. He was very unstable and was bleeding and we started to panic so we called the vet again, he said it was very normal to bleed a little when the wound was still fresh. He did not bleed a lot but, to us it was like a river and I almost got sick from looking at his wound. I would bet it was three table spoons of blood or less! he was in his crate for several hours without food or water, the vet said he needed to be out of anesthesia before eating or drinking. The first few days he was very sleepy but, he did eat the day after and soon enough he found a way to drink out of his bowl. I know every case is different, I have heard about dogs who has been sick for a week and some them normal self after just a day. You do need to limit daily activity to a minimum because of the stitches.



This is day four, the wound is healing nicely! His pouch is not removed only the testicles so there is some fluid inside. It´s totally normal and will go away in a week or two I think. The worst part for Monti seems to be the lampshade he needs to wear for two weeks, naturally he wants to lick and scratch himself. In nine days we can take the lampshade of ( it´s not called a lampshade, I just think it looks like one). To cleanse the wound just use sterilized water and a paper towel, tap gently and do not remove anything, just wipe of excess blood. Monti also got antibiotics to help against possible infections. The red and blue on his skin is a bruise, It will go away in a week or two.

Monti is back to his normal self, he eats and drinks, sleeps and takes up the whole bed, I am happy he is feeling so much better! I will update later about the recovery.

Surgery done.


Poor baby! Monti had his surgery, I will write a longer post about it tomorrow. The good news he is back to his normal self! Still very sleepy but, drinks and eats so everything is going fine.



Sorry about the long time between my post’s. My mother has been busy with other things. I am back now and want to show you some pictures from my walk, look at this beautiful stick! It’s my passion in life, sticks and food. Tomorrow we are off to the vet to take another    round of chemical castration, it’s been six months already. I get candy after the doctor, thats something!