Mushrooms and walks.

Summer is over and it´s mushroom hunting season. Monti thinks the walks in the forest are very funny but, all the stops and checking the forest floor for mushrooms is extremely boring. Who cares about that when you can detect squirrels and go bananas. I love the fresh air, the smell of people starting to use their fireplaces. Before you know it will be christmas. After that a whole new year, this year went so fast.I hope we can get a car next year and then take monti to some classes, tracking is something he is really good at. We live in the country side and the bus is sometimes a pain in the butt. He tracked a moose this summer and I really think he can excell at that, he has a hunting nose.



White tail deer

DSCN2480 DSCN2485

Yesterday we went to the beach and the weather was really lovely! All of a sudden Monti gets all wird and starts making high-pitched noises. He saw a deer and lost sight of it, so his nose almost went in circles. It was great watching this white tail, so handsome and elegant. Monti always barks hysterically when we se wildlife so this was pretty fun. Hunting dog Monti 😀

Going through the blog last night and realize how much Monti has grown and many of his previous problems like stomach allergies are gone. They where not allergies at all but stress from being all male. Going on walks now is like a dream compared to a few weeks ago. He even was att the dog park! A little bichon frisé wanted to play but monti was all about the sticks, and that tire from last post.

I swear he is like a old man in a dog suit!



I took this photo the other day the 2th of November and I want to frame this one. You can truely see monti’s personality well here, that bored and begging look right before he starts barking wanting to get my attention. On walks we can not stand still for long before Monti gets restless. Unfortunately for him he can’t get his way all the time!



After waking up dreaming about poltergeists and ghosts I got up and decided to go for a walk to a place I used to go to with my classmates as a kid and teenager. It was excactly the same as before but, this time I had my very own dog with me, something I always wanted back then. I have been training with Monti for the past four days, working on come when called and just listen more when I try to conntact him. I do this with cheese and he is happy to come back to me when he gets some cheese, his favorite. I must admit I have been quite lazy with his training and lately he has been totaly out of control so something must be done! I do not disipline him hard only tell him to sit down as long as it takes for him to calm down and listen to me, wich is boring and punishment enough for Monti. It was a beautiful day and now Monti is taking a well deserved nap.

Snails in our new garden.

sneglerLook what me and Monti found in the garden today, two huge snails who was kissing. I think he disturbed them as he put his big nose right in their face, I think the snails quickly went back to what they where doing. It´s great to have a garden and a big house for Monti to live in, I will also show you the local beach me and Monti has been enjoying the last few days before the rain came.



It was a good thing enjoying the forest when the sun was up because now the rain have arrived, well Monti don´t care about rain but his mom does. Of  course we still go on walks but, with less enthusiasm from my side. We are in the middle of moving, I am excited for Monti! he gets bigger space and a veranda to use. Also I want to buy him a bed, the classic round wood bed with a big pillow!


or something like this!


Or make something similar like this bed made from old wood. He has a crate but, I want to buy him a bed too, it has always been a picture in my mind, dog in cute dog bed :).

Stormy day

små potermonti i snøen

Yes it´s a storm coming in and my mother will not go outside with me today other than my toilet round outside. The wind has speeded up and the police is telling people to secure stuff that can fly away. One thing I love about this storm is the snow, I love snow and when it all blows over I can play in it! This picture is from 2012, around february I think, I remember when he was this little. Look at his small feet ❤ But not all is bad, we have had fun with his toys and we brace ourselves because we are going out soon so he can go potty.

A slice of our day.


Today we went for a walk, my mom tried to stop me from acting crazy around the other dogs and I am improving, I bark and growl a little but she snaps me out of it. The rest of the day has been about cleaning, It´s so boring to be a dog when mom needs to clean, so I just followed her everywhere until she paid attention to me. The rest of the day we have been watching Bob´s burgers and now it´s time for my nap. Also, we need a new chair, this one was bought used so it has done it´s job.

Long overdue nail trim.


I have good news, at least good news for myself! me and monti´s dad got to cut all of his claws the other day, it just happened and we where so happy he got lots of treats. I have messed up in the past and cut his claw to far in making him bleed so now I am extra carefull and just take the tip away. I don´t know why he don´t like it, we have trimmed claws since he was small. Anyway, I am still super happy that we did it!

Here we are on a hike in the forest, the leaves yellow and orange, air that smells like bonfire and lots of tea drinking is a perfect way to spend autumn. I think monti enjoys autumn because it´s cool outside. It snowed here a week ago, monti loves snow and will go nuts when it comes. It´s almost time to put on his winter coat 🙂

Leaving for a week.


This picture is from when Monti was six months, at least very close. I can´t believe that he is almost two years old. Feels like yesterday he´d pee on the floor and we where potty training him.

Well today I took a nice long walk with my darling because tomorrow I go to the airport, I am heading to Greece and will be leaving my boyfriend and Monti for a week. I am looking forward to seeing something new but I will still miss my boys. When I get home Monti will also get his chemical castration, I hope he can be a more happy dog because of it. But we will see how it goes.

Sometimes it´s hard having a male dog, he is very dominant and hate other male dogs, we are not trying out chemical castration because of this but hyper sexuality (just to get it out there). I know castration don´t necessarily do anything for dominant behavior.  We are never going to use him in breeding because of his mix and we don´t know what kind of illnesses he might be exposed to. Me personally think Monti would have beautiful kids, super hyper bouncing of the walls kids but beautiful. Everything is in the future and I will not worry about things now. We can always train him to get along with other male dogs.

Someone asked me once if I would have picked another dog If I had known how he would turn out. The answer is no! Monti has a strong personality and is very demanding but he also gives me so much love and seeing his happy face everyday just waiting to be with me is priceless. I would never give up on him because he is my best friend!