Mushrooms and walks.

Summer is over and it´s mushroom hunting season. Monti thinks the walks in the forest are very funny but, all the stops and checking the forest floor for mushrooms is extremely boring. Who cares about that when you can detect squirrels and go bananas. I love the fresh air, the smell of people starting to use their fireplaces. Before you know it will be christmas. After that a whole new year, this year went so fast.I hope we can get a car next year and then take monti to some classes, tracking is something he is really good at. We live in the country side and the bus is sometimes a pain in the butt. He tracked a moose this summer and I really think he can excell at that, he has a hunting nose.



Eyes doing better


Monti’s eyes are doing much better with the eye drops from the vet. They are white and thick and he hates them, but monti is taking it very well. He protest a lot more over a claw trim.

The vet also said that monti is a little over weight,  being castrated and all the hunger has gone to new records,  like that was even possible.  😄we are now giving him the right amount of food and not giving him something to eat all the time. I guess treats spread over a day becomes more than we thought. If he is fit in his young years that will help him not developing joint problems so there you go.

I can’t say he gets nothing at all, I am no robot. But, in more healthy amounts .



I took this photo the other day the 2th of November and I want to frame this one. You can truely see monti’s personality well here, that bored and begging look right before he starts barking wanting to get my attention. On walks we can not stand still for long before Monti gets restless. Unfortunately for him he can’t get his way all the time!

Balloon belly


I might have posted this picture before, but soon it’s three years since we first brought monti home and I remember the day like it was yesterday! This poor puppy got a mother who feed him way to much on the first day home, four cups of food instead of one. I called the lady I got him from and she told me I had given him way to much. Now monti gets regular portions like everyone else, except lots of treats.

Candy please!


Autumn is in full bloom, the leafs are turning blood red and yellow. Here mom promises me a treat for sitting so pretty for the photo but, no treat! That witch tricked me. I get many treats a day but that is besides the point. I should get them all day! 😀