Today we had a training buddy so monti could get close to another dog and he dident mind at all. As long as I had hot dogs he completely ignored the other dog Felix. I feel really happy about this, now I am going to train every time I see another dog and knowing that it works will boost my spirit!. Month even tried to play with him that was so great for me and I am super proud of my little man. Thinking about the last post and how low I felt then and how positive I feel now. Looking forward to having fun with my dog! ❤




After waking up dreaming about poltergeists and ghosts I got up and decided to go for a walk to a place I used to go to with my classmates as a kid and teenager. It was excactly the same as before but, this time I had my very own dog with me, something I always wanted back then. I have been training with Monti for the past four days, working on come when called and just listen more when I try to conntact him. I do this with cheese and he is happy to come back to me when he gets some cheese, his favorite. I must admit I have been quite lazy with his training and lately he has been totaly out of control so something must be done! I do not disipline him hard only tell him to sit down as long as it takes for him to calm down and listen to me, wich is boring and punishment enough for Monti. It was a beautiful day and now Monti is taking a well deserved nap.

Walk training.

bilde012After Monti´s chemical castration he has become a cuddly bear, here you can se him on my lap. And this was voluntary from his side, I had such a good time with my angel in my arms. But all cuddle and kissy kissy stuff aside I need to become a little more stright with him. I have bad tendonitis in my arm and my right arm is staring to hurt because he pulls me around. I know he is excited about walking but he can’t just bark and charge at everything. That is not acceptable, and sometimes walking him can be a real challenge. 

I have started with the stop training, when he pulls I just stop and tell him to sit! We also train on eye contact and getting his attention, which is pretty hard. But  “Rome was not built in a day”. Sometimes he pouts and makes strange noises on walks, I don´t know what those means but my main goal is just to get him to sit and watch me. Today we walked by a house with another dog in it, he always barks but, I held a treat before his nose and he walked calmly with me to the end of th street. The dog is the house did go nuts but we walked right by, so I am proud about that :). Small steps are better than none.

I ♥ summer



This weekend we took monti swimming and on a playdate with his friend, the boxer. My friends sister runs a kindergarden and we are using the fenced up area to let the dogs go of leash. Monti loves it and I like to test how well he reapond to me calling him. I use a very silly voice and he runs up to me expecting a treat every time, I use praise and lots of GOOD BOY. I will buy him a long leash next payday and we will train more on come when called.

Take a bow

Me and Monti have been learning this trick,  it is so much fun and the first time he did it on his own I was so happy. I use a long time learning Monti tricks so he can really get to know it well. The trick he is best at is sit pretty,  also learned by Zak George videos on youtube. The man is brilliant!


Monti did not want to pose for the camera, maybe next time 🙂

Nice day in the sun.



Me and Monti have done some intensive training this last few days, getting him to walk by my side instead of pulling me has not been easy but he responds well. I have given him rewards (food) and I get his attention when I talk to him. Before he was to distracted but now he is so much more focused. He did not want to model for me today, we took a walk to the beach and so many seagulls makes my boy a little crazy!  I guess sometimes the distractions win but I am taking it one step at the time. Trying to be more interesting than the world can be a challenge.

neeg  2 Neeg

This place is full of dogs, the path leads to Borrehaugene National park, viking graves and a historical museum you can visit. Also it has small sand beaches all the way there. I walked there last summer, If it gets to hot for Monti on the walk he can just jump in the ocean. I want summer to come quickly this year, So much more fun with your dog than wintertime.

Sit pretty

sit prettyIf you excuse my bad picture and if you can se it then this is Monti sitting pretty! I have been working on this for over a month and when he got cheese as a reward there was no stopping him. For at least five seconds he sat pretty and my camera was not there to capture the moment but I tried to right after he did it! We will train much more tomorrow but now he is so tired from all the training. I am shure that the landlord could hear me scream in joy when he did it for the first time, I am so PROUD OF HIM.

.zak george

I did it with the help of a dog trainer named Zak George, you may have seen him from animal planet our from super fetch :). He has a bunch of videos on you tube and has his own Facebook dog training profile so go check him out.


blood sample boy

After a long time with tummy problems we contacted the vet, he told us that Monti might have allergies. After trying all kinds of dog food for sensitive digestion and nothing worked the vet gave us hills ZD diet, that’s a dog food that does not have any proteins he could react to. This diet has been going on for three months now, no treats our bones, nothing else but hills ZD and his tummy is 100% better. You can not imagine how happy we are! 15th of january we can start out the testing by giving him treats and se what Monti is allergic to. This will be tested one meal at the time, If he gets ill then we will know to avoid the food.

I have felt so sorry for him, I really wanted him to have something good to eat on christmas eve but the diet is so important the vet said so he got his regular meal. The one thing that is positive about the diet is, Monti loves the food and stand by his bowl and makes noise when he wants more. We have tried so many brands in the past but this one will stick with us.

a few weeks ago he also got his second vaccine and got micro chipped, he did not like it had to be done.