First swim of 2019

It was so hot today so it was time for a swim. I usually let monti jump in the water in may but it has been so cold here and lots of rain.

Here is to more hot weather and lots of trips to the sea ❤


Getting older

I forgot about this blog and read a lot of post’s that brings happy memories. Monti is almost eight years old, so a grown man now. He is more calm and sleep a lot more but still playfull as ever ❤

Is it Nessie?

No it’s not the loock Ness monster but a different kind :D. Monti had his fist swim and it went well. A little kid had a dip too and it was really cold so we went home early. Have a great early summer 🙂 we will enjoy great walks in the forest and looking forward to mushroom season.

It’s alive 

Hello, Long time since last post. Monti and me are alive and well! Not a lot has been going on lately, monti turns six on september 1th :). A little older with a grey mustasche ❤ he looks good and even lost a little weight. 

Fall is right around the corner and the forest will turn colorfull again ❤ mushroom season is close. 🙂 

Mushrooms and walks.

Summer is over and it´s mushroom hunting season. Monti thinks the walks in the forest are very funny but, all the stops and checking the forest floor for mushrooms is extremely boring. Who cares about that when you can detect squirrels and go bananas. I love the fresh air, the smell of people starting to use their fireplaces. Before you know it will be christmas. After that a whole new year, this year went so fast.I hope we can get a car next year and then take monti to some classes, tracking is something he is really good at. We live in the country side and the bus is sometimes a pain in the butt. He tracked a moose this summer and I really think he can excell at that, he has a hunting nose.


Summer 2016 

Long time no see, again! I usually blog from my phone but, I got an iPhone in march and my whole world was turned upside down. Android forever ❤ back to my old sony now. 

Anyway, this summer has been hot in june and very wet. Since we moved it has been very different not living by the sea but we love it here by the forest.

Soon it will be autumn and I hope this one will be warm and sunny. Me and monti are going mushroom picking this fall and he finally got his own sleeping bag so we can provide a warm place to rest when we are sitting by the fire 🙂 


It’s so hot here in Norway so we had a hour and a half walk in the forest today.


Look how nice it is with white flowers and fresh green leaves 🍃 


Super tired, I am going to bed 🌜


Feeling much better today 💜 I got an eye infection of some kind so my eye needs some treatment. Maybe from one of the dogs at the vets office.  Sterile water and cotton pads might do the trick, if not off to the vet again.