Pollen allergies?


Monti might be allergic to pollen and we have thought about allergies. Every spring and summer his eyes go all slimy and I always thought it was the heat. It might just be an eye infection so we got a new eye cream and Monti hates it. I really hope it´s just an irritation and not allergy, but we will manage that as well if it is. It´s strange how animals have the same allergies as us humans. If the eyes don´t get any better it´s blod tests next. Fingers crossed.


Long overdue nail trim.


I have good news, at least good news for myself! me and monti´s dad got to cut all of his claws the other day, it just happened and we where so happy he got lots of treats. I have messed up in the past and cut his claw to far in making him bleed so now I am extra carefull and just take the tip away. I don´t know why he don´t like it, we have trimmed claws since he was small. Anyway, I am still super happy that we did it!

Here we are on a hike in the forest, the leaves yellow and orange, air that smells like bonfire and lots of tea drinking is a perfect way to spend autumn. I think monti enjoys autumn because it´s cool outside. It snowed here a week ago, monti loves snow and will go nuts when it comes. It´s almost time to put on his winter coat 🙂

Summer vacation.


This is how monti spend most of his days after his daily walks. Being cute and sleepy ♥

Summer is here and internet is not my first priority, but I will still post blogs. I just really want to be outside and enjoy the summer I have been waiting for. I am thankfull for all your comments and likes, you guys are great! ★