Pollen allergies?


Monti might be allergic to pollen and we have thought about allergies. Every spring and summer his eyes go all slimy and I always thought it was the heat. It might just be an eye infection so we got a new eye cream and Monti hates it. I really hope it´s just an irritation and not allergy, but we will manage that as well if it is. It´s strange how animals have the same allergies as us humans. If the eyes don´t get any better it´s blod tests next. Fingers crossed.


First bath of the year


This picture is from last year.

The last couple of days has been great, the sun has been up from morning to evening. Today I took Monti out on a two-hour walk to the beach, it´s his first bath this year and he was very occupied with grabbing sea weed. The not so great adventure was to get the salt water of him, I don’t understand it, he loves to swim but take a shower, hell no. Now he is sleeping and I am pretty tired to, I guess we are not used to the heat just yet.


This is from last summer, Monti´s birthday, I made some kind of liver treat cake and he ate it in five seconds. It’s not that many months left until he is two years old, the time really fly when you are having fun!