Merry christmas


A double merry christmas from us! We hope you all have a great hollyday and a happy new year! (*˘︶˘*) Monti is all dressed up and ready for presents and treats. Thank’s to all followers, comments and likes in the year 2013. This december the blog is one year old hurray (*^o^*)


Long overdue nail trim.


I have good news, at least good news for myself! me and monti´s dad got to cut all of his claws the other day, it just happened and we where so happy he got lots of treats. I have messed up in the past and cut his claw to far in making him bleed so now I am extra carefull and just take the tip away. I don´t know why he don´t like it, we have trimmed claws since he was small. Anyway, I am still super happy that we did it!

Here we are on a hike in the forest, the leaves yellow and orange, air that smells like bonfire and lots of tea drinking is a perfect way to spend autumn. I think monti enjoys autumn because it´s cool outside. It snowed here a week ago, monti loves snow and will go nuts when it comes. It´s almost time to put on his winter coat 🙂

Mom and me weekend


My dad is going hunting and me and Mom is alone for the weekend. We will miss him but, we will survive. I think I might get some treats and a new chew bone today 😀 and later we are going for a nice walk. But now we must sleep, it’s to early for us to be awake. As you can see I am well on my way to the first nap of the day.

Finally some progress.

I have some super great news about Monti´s stomach. Several months ago, nearly half a year he had to go on a strict diet from the vet and his tummy was fine for a while. Because of suspected allergies. Me and Monti´s dad thought that maybe it´s time to change the food to se how his body reacted to it and I can say with great joy that he has never had a better stomach. I mixed the old food with the new one like the vet said and it has been going great, we still use a brand for sensitive digestion. We tried Eukanuba and I have heard a lot of great stuff about it, before Monti got his tummy problem we used royal canin but I think that was a little bit strong for him. I am just happy that the vet said he is perfectly fine otherwise, he is a healthy and happy dog, and totally crazy and puppy like. In two months he will be two years old and I will make him something tasty for his birthday.


Angry cat

Yesterday me and my other half took Monti with us to play dungeons and dragons. There was a cat, not happy to see a dog walking around in her home. So she sat under the sofa for five hours and made hissing noises. She looked like this. She jumped out one time and tried to get Monti and he just stood there, wanting to play with the angry cat, because Monti loves almost everyone. Sometimes he don’t know his own good. Best to just leave cats alone, they are scary when angry!