Merry christmas


A double merry christmas from us! We hope you all have a great hollyday and a happy new year! (*˘︶˘*) Monti is all dressed up and ready for presents and treats. Thank’s to all followers, comments and likes in the year 2013. This december the blog is one year old hurray (*^o^*)


Stormy day

små potermonti i snøen

Yes it´s a storm coming in and my mother will not go outside with me today other than my toilet round outside. The wind has speeded up and the police is telling people to secure stuff that can fly away. One thing I love about this storm is the snow, I love snow and when it all blows over I can play in it! This picture is from 2012, around february I think, I remember when he was this little. Look at his small feet ❤ But not all is bad, we have had fun with his toys and we brace ourselves because we are going out soon so he can go potty.

Autumn relaxing

meg og monti

Since I am still sick it is a lot of relaxing going on here, but I have to walk Monti and now a days he is totally crazy. I guess it is a mix of second puberty and the testosterone leaving his body, he has become more cuddly like I told you and I am not complaining. I wish I could understand more what he is going through, I am trying my best but I am getting frustrated some times. RIght now he is sleeping, at least heis very calm indoors :). I will update on his progress

Happy birthday



Today it´s two years ago since Monti was born and we had to give him a treat. He never get wet food but today he get two cans and lots of treats besides. He loved it so much but had a hard time with understanding how to eat it, so his dad had to help a little. Time go so fast, two years already, he is starting to become an adult.

Leaving for a week.


This picture is from when Monti was six months, at least very close. I can´t believe that he is almost two years old. Feels like yesterday he´d pee on the floor and we where potty training him.

Well today I took a nice long walk with my darling because tomorrow I go to the airport, I am heading to Greece and will be leaving my boyfriend and Monti for a week. I am looking forward to seeing something new but I will still miss my boys. When I get home Monti will also get his chemical castration, I hope he can be a more happy dog because of it. But we will see how it goes.

Sometimes it´s hard having a male dog, he is very dominant and hate other male dogs, we are not trying out chemical castration because of this but hyper sexuality (just to get it out there). I know castration don´t necessarily do anything for dominant behavior.  We are never going to use him in breeding because of his mix and we don´t know what kind of illnesses he might be exposed to. Me personally think Monti would have beautiful kids, super hyper bouncing of the walls kids but beautiful. Everything is in the future and I will not worry about things now. We can always train him to get along with other male dogs.

Someone asked me once if I would have picked another dog If I had known how he would turn out. The answer is no! Monti has a strong personality and is very demanding but he also gives me so much love and seeing his happy face everyday just waiting to be with me is priceless. I would never give up on him because he is my best friend!

Blood suckers.

My boy has lice and he was at the vet today, I saw the nasty thing under the microscope. He has been scratching more than usual and yesterday I took a look between his fur, only to find vampire lice. Monti got the treatment he needs and will go on a check up in a month.

We have decided to also try chemical castration. When the female dogs are in heat he can’t sleep or eat, he gets stressed and can’t relax. We have taken a long time to figure this out me and my man and maybe its the best for monti. A chemical castration is not permanent and it’s just to see If he gets better. We are hoping that monti can relax more and get better. He is totally bananas and there is nothing we can do to help him. And this is not something we do to calm him down because he has lots of energy, he has hyper sexuality and that is not fun for him or us. We will se what happens.


Yellow is awesome.


Monti got a new harness in a bright yellow color two days ago. Now he can walk around with one that is the right size. I Don’t like to use collars because of the neck problems he can get, he pulls on the leach.
Yesterday there was a thunderstorm and I thought monti would be scared but he diden’t care at all. It was naptime and no thunder and lightning can change that. He is so strange sometimes, he is not afraid of loud noises but a parked scooter is super scary! It just stands there…. If I could only understand what goes on in his mind :P.

Hello summer people.



It’s been a while since last post, nothing wrong just summer is here and things are happening outside of the computer. Monti got a huge chew bone today and he would have eaten the whole thing If we let him. He needs to save some for later. Tomorrow we are traveling in to our capital City by train, that should be fun. We are going to se some friends and I think Monti will have a great time away from home.