Snails in our new garden.

sneglerLook what me and Monti found in the garden today, two huge snails who was kissing. I think he disturbed them as he put his big nose right in their face, I think the snails quickly went back to what they where doing. It´s great to have a garden and a big house for Monti to live in, I will also show you the local beach me and Monti has been enjoying the last few days before the rain came.


Hello summer people.



It’s been a while since last post, nothing wrong just summer is here and things are happening outside of the computer. Monti got a huge chew bone today and he would have eaten the whole thing If we let him. He needs to save some for later. Tomorrow we are traveling in to our capital City by train, that should be fun. We are going to se some friends and I think Monti will have a great time away from home.